How to Create Engaging Content for the Conversions

As a content marketer, Your main aim is to use content to sell something, whether it’s a product, a service, or a post. Perhaps you already have a sufficient number of conversions. But are you willing to settle for good enough? 

Do you Know? You can double or even triple your conversion rates by improving your content marketing. Let’s focus at how to do it for your content, which is the most critical part of content marketing. Below are the ways to increase conversions by creating engaging content.

Create the Killer Headline

The headline is the main aspect of every website as it tells what’s your page is all about. By adding the power keywords in the heading gives a good impact to users. So, if the user is reading the content or bounce from the page, the first thing they read the headline of the page. According to a research, content consists of words like- best, top, guaranteed and ultimate helps in driving the conversions. The headline which performs well must consist of –

  • Headline with Proper words
  • Usage of Power words i.e Best, Guaranteed
  • Numbers in the Headline

Add visuals to the Page

Visuals are an excellent way for explaining to the user what your page is all about i.e it acts as a summary of the page. Including visual elements in your text will make a significant difference in the performance. It helps in engaging the readers while adding more details. It’s also a great way to break up long chunks of text, making it easier to read and understand.

The visuals which help in increasing the conversions are as follows- 

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Charts and Bars
  • Original Images

Intrigue Readers with the Introduction

The headline of the introduction should attract the readers. Your introduction should intrigue their interest enough to keep them interested. It should entice them to continue reading. In other words, the bait is your headline, and the hook is your introduction.

In the case of landing pages, the subhead serves as the introduction and is important for attracting and converting visitors. The key advantages should be highlighted in the subhead, ideally in bullet points to make the details easier to search and process.

Use the Sequencing Format

The format of your content is another aspect that affects the content’s ability to convert. Writing large pieces of text about helpful tips and facts makes it difficult for people to read and process. People don’t like to work hard in getting information so delays in the delivery can hurt the conversion rate.

To make the Content user-friendly divide into following methods –

  • Break the large text blocks into short paragraphs
  • Highlight the Key points or use bullets
  • Add visuals to your content
  • Include Subheading to increase the readability

Create Call-To-Action

Your call to action should persuade people to do something. Perhaps your CTA is at the end of a blog post, encouraging readers to sign up for your newsletter or download your most recent e-book. Maybe it’s a call to action for a product or service on your landing page. Even video content needs a call to action (CTA) to encourage conversions.

Make sure the CTA should be Compelling –

  • Get to the user point clearly
  • Develop the urgency
  • Highlight the Benefits