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Social Media Marketing

More than 3.5 billion active user on social sites at present, their number is expected to increase to about 4.5 billion in next couple of years. This is just one reason, why more than 75% of successful businesses choose social media marketing. Social sites connect you with those who do not know you and you can add them to your customer’s list.

  • Creative Posts - Our professional Graphic Designers are experts in designing creative posts that take customers to your website.
  • Engaging Content - Experienced content writers understand what your customers want to know and what Google understands the best.
  • Only Results- Our Social Media Marketing experts lay out a plan & build a strategy in association with customer's needs. This gives all the results that one expects.

With ever growing number of active users on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & many more, Social Media Marketing offers enormous opportunities to drive new customers to your website. But it’s not as simple as it looks, rather requires expertise. We at Cyberbells, have been doing this task for large number of our customers regularly for last about 16 years.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services That Can Be Beneficial For You

Facebook Posts

Whether you sell B2B or B2C, Facebook connects you with all types of consumers. You can reach to an abundance of audience with engaging content. Our professional graphic designers are experts in making eye-catching Facebook posts that deliver results.


This social networking site has more than 440 million visitors where businesses post their pins and consumers view them. It’s one of the best platforms where you can post your content and drive customers to your website.


YouTube subscribers watch videos on YouTube for more than 1 billion hours daily. In Social Media marketing segment, video marketing is on the way to overtake Facebook. The number of people watching product videos is increasing day-by-day & you can explore it.

Google My Business

According to stats released by Google, more than 49% of businesses received about 1000 visits every month. If you’re a small business, and are covered by one of the allowed 36 categories, then Google My Business is a good option to promote your business.


If you’re looking to get a better selling experience making your customers easy to shop, then give Instagram your first preference. Despite being categorized as a social site, in fact, it’s a buyer - seller platform, basically made for business.


This is a direct messaging social site. You need to explore about 330 million people who visit Twitter every month. More than 80% B2B marketing professionals use Twitter to get organic traffic. You can also get benefitted from Twitter.

Other Service We Offer

Other IT Services & Solutions

Content Optimization

If you already have a website, but it is not visible on Google Search, then your content requires well-knit optimization workup.

Internet Branding

Our goal is on much beyond creating a brand recognition. We focus on integrating customers’ experience & your brand.

Social Media Ads

If you are looking to boost number of leads and sales without wasting much time, then paid social media advertisement is the right solution.

Local SEO

If you’re a professional, example Doctor operating a Clinic or a CA, Property Consultant etc; running a Shop, Restaurant, then you need local SEO.

WhatsApp & Email Marketing

More than 95% of people see their WhatsApp & check their email on regular basis. Business WhatsApp & mails connect customers with suppliers.

Plagiarism Removal

You may not be aware of the fact that Content which you are using could be a copyright property of someone else. This can land you in trouble.

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Did You Know? About 65% Of Consumers Want Their Suppliers To Showcase Their Products On Social Sites.