Why You Should Not Avoid Video Marketing?

Ever since the emergence of the internet, consumers’ behavior towards buying has undergone a sea change. The reason for this change is directly associated with the modes of advertisement transforming from paper to digital marketing. As of today, social sites form collectively the single largest market in the world.

Buyers & businesses both, explore social sites. Whereas the businesses target this market to their best, and, on the other hand, consumers source their buying needs through social sites.  With smartphones ruling  the market, whatever is visible on the mobile is sold more.

Scope Of Video Marketing In 2021-30

Day-by-day, YouTube is becoming the first choice of the consumers to find out suppliers of the products they are looking to buy. Surveys & market studies reveal that after Google, YouTube has emerged as the second-largest search engine.

According to stats for 2020 made public by the YouTube, it has more than 2.5 billion active users. What makes it more interesting is, people spend more than 1 billion hours daily on watching videos on YouTube. Other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, & Instgram, etc. where they watch videos, further raise this number enormously.

The number of businesses using YouTube is regularly increasing. More than 55% of businesses use YouTube for marketing & advertising. Every minute, content worth watching for 500 hours is uploaded on YouTube.  In the context of Facebook, business pages with videos get about 300 million page likes. Similarly, such pages get more than 200 million page views. 

Why Do Consumers Prefer Watching Product Videos To Other Social Media Ads?

Reasons for getting Video Marketing more popular than other modes of social media marketing are many. Factors that work most are listed as under.

i) Consumers Can Watch Nearly Live Product

 The most important factor behind videos gaining more popularity is, videos give a live feel.  Consumers can clearly watch the product that they are willing to buy. They view the product in a video as they are looking at it on the counters. This helps them to select the right type of product they actually need or want to buy.

ii) Consumers Can Understand About The Working Of The Product Better:

With videos, it’s not difficult to explain how the product will function. Where ever possible, businesses use this technique to influence the consumer. Electronics. Electricals and kitchen gadgets are some of the products that consumers like to watch functioning live. This concept is not possible in text ads.

iii) Accelerated Business Growth

Video marketing helps businesses grow faster. Those who are using this marketing technique have a definite edge over non-users. Video marketing drives more customers generates a higher number of leads, more sales and higher profit.

iv) Higher Ranking On SERPs

Another great benefit of videos is, content ranks higher on search engines. This helps businesses in driving a greater number of customers to their websites & physical stores.

v) Higher Conversion Rate

According to Forbes, about 90% of consumers take their buying decisions after watching product videos. Videos lead to a higher conversion of leads into orders. After watching product videos, buyers quickly & finally decide which brand they want to buy. They prefer to order online instead of wasting much of their time on searching suppliers in bazaars and looking the products from shop to shop.

vi) Videos Create Brand Awareness

Another important factor behind making video marketing more lucrative is, people enjoy in sharing product videos with their friends & known. This directly helps in creating brand awareness.

Why Wait? Get Your Video Today

The upward trend of video marketing and consumers watching videos before they buy is likely to continue at least in this decade. Cyberbells, a dedicated Digital Marketing Company incorporated in USA and having branches in India, has an in-house team of video professionals. They create eye-catching & engaging product and explainer videos. They develop & design videos that deliver results, not hopes.